PPGμ proudly follows Affirmative Action Policies. The Affirmative Access Policy aims at candidates who declare themselves to be black, brown or indigenous. The PPGμ reserves vacancies for the Affirmative Action Policy, about 20% in all evaluation stages of the selection process.


Application Guide

If you wish to apply for a Master's degree, you will need to be graduated or to be in the last semester/term of your graduate course.

Register your Curriculum in the Lattes Platform. If you have already registered your Lattes résumé, do not forget to update it before sending and to gather the supporting documents such as diplomas, certificates, publications, etc.

We would like to know what do you intend to work here with us. Prepare a Pre-project: something brief, with a maximum of 5000 words.

We would like to talk to you. This is the reason why we will invite you for an Interview which will be held here at UnB or, in case you unable to come to the Federal District, the interview can be held by internet (e.g. Skype).

We will ask you to provide evidence that you have intermediate level of one of the following foreign languages: English, French, Italian or German. In section 3.4.7 of the Call for Applications, you will find a list of Diplomas/Certificates/Declarations of foreign language proficiency which are acceptable as a proof. In case, you can provide us any proof, a good option would be the UnB Idiomas: we would suggest you take a language exam with them. Apart from this, you can get this certificate in any regular language school in the country.

After gathering all the documents mentioned in the Call for Applications, please send the following documents in PDF format to

  • Application form
  • Lattes Curriculum and supporting documents
  • Project draft
  • Statement of commitment
  • Graduate Diploma (or a formal statement of forthcoming degree)
  • List of the subjects taken throughout the graduate course
  • Identification document with photo
  • Proof of foreign language proficiency
  • Registration fee proof of payment


This Guide is just a tutorial. Please, make sure you read the Call for Applications carefully for all details regarding the selection.

For any questions, please do contact us: